Why SDI?

We provide tailored design for your restaurant, store, business or home. We pursue quality solutions with the mantra “everything matters.” Thoughtfully considered, carefully fitted.

We simplify a complex process for you. We remove some of the stress and add back ample measures of delight in getting from concept to built result.

We invite you to participate in our design process. We explore the “what ifs” early to give you more confidence in taking those forks in the road of decisions and to reduce surprises later on.

We create value for you through the participatory process by sharing our experience through the lens of your project. At the same time your contributions are a vital part of the process.

We are experts at crafting unified architectural and interior design solutions. We know that small things can play a large role, that sometimes an inch or two makes a difference in creature comforts, in productive workplace flows.

We are experts in hospitality design. That is where our roots are. We bring a hospitality attitude to your project regardless of the project type.

We understand the trade-off between value and cost, initial cost and long term performance. We work diligently with you to identify and prioritize value and budget decisions.