Our approach is based on involving you as an active participant in gathering relevant information and inspiring images, exploring alternatives and shaping the parts into a coherent whole. The core event of this process is the design charette, in depth design sessions with you in our conference room using sketches, narratives, images and photos, 3D digital models, physical samples, drawings and lively discussions to arrive at a shared understanding of optimal solutions for your project.

The process unfolds in phases moving from looser, more general to progressively more defined and fixed modes. You can visualize this movement from phase to phase as iterative and looping rather than strictly linear. We always double back during the process to make sure the design remains closely linked with your core concept components. We believe the success of providing services to you is built on continuous communication and visualization.

Discovery Meeting

In our initial meeting we ask you to bring any inspirations you’ve collected in whatever form. We’ll add a few of our own based on our preliminary understanding of your design goals, project location and parameters. This meeting sets the tone for your project and establishes your core concept goals.

We should all leave this meeting with a shared understanding of your design goals, budget, schedule and general design direction. We follow up with a preliminary meeting memorandum for your review and comment prior to sending a final memo document to all participants.

Design Phases

During the next two phases called Schematic Design and Design Development we host design charettes to explore layout options, interior and exterior design concepts, color and material options with you. We gradually move toward more detailed design during these phases and use visualization tools, drawings, images and physical samples that most effectively communicate the design to you.

We also begin incorporating fixture and equipment spatial requirements from our engineering consultants and from any consultants or vendors you may have. We again document your decisions through memos, drawings, sample boards and images and distribute to each participant.

Design Documentation

While the previous phases fix the interior and exterior design, this phase documents your design decisions and the project’s detailed physical and technical requirements in formats required to communicate design intent and construction requirements to permitting agencies and to builders. You will also use these documents to solicit construction cost bids from contractors, fabricators and suppliers.

Construction Phases

We continue as your professional advisor and guide during this crucial phase when those team members responsible for construction “translate” the design documents into its built form. The reality of construction and fabrication require the builders to add layers of additional detail not feasible in design documents. We work with them and with you to maintain design quality, to review and approve samples and mock-ups and to review the construction at periodic stages to confirm conformance with the design documents.

We also assist you with procurement of and incorporation of owner supplied furnishings and artwork.